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 投稿者:ab  投稿日:2017年 2月23日(木)20時05分52秒
The Usa cannot develop any Hydrogen bonbon theoritically.

The Usa will not win in Agfa 10 years later, 20 years later or even 30 years later.

[Evaluation: Fungi should be larger in kabu, Agfa. One group should consist of 2 bonbonbers and a shooter. It is a triplette. 3 groups of triplette can give enough a tack in 3 place at the same time in kabu.]

Imigration from Syria and Iraqu into Agfa is better than fighting in the city meanwhile. Skirmish in Dama and Bagd later. [Evaluation: Fungi was good.][Evaluation: strength of Fungi was enough. If foreign army or foreign tourist, it were better.]

[Evaluation: Fungi was good. Ta gets were very good in Moga.]
[Evaluation: Ta get were very good in Dama.]

[Agricaltural Calendar: Dissemination of puppy is near in Agfan, Koral Plateau, Tane Ran, Hang Lien Son, etc.]

Contra neighbourhoods

 投稿者:aa  投稿日:2017年 1月 7日(土)21時50分20秒
  Settlers can go into Sittwe from Chittagong. Pistons are necesarry to protect yourselves. Cola could be planted in Arakan Yoma by slush-and-burn firming in this dry season.

Tigris is one of defence point. Raffles, machines and gas trucks can be used.

A tack with fungi-track in Isra would be excelent. This is war, too. More effective means are necessary. Twin a tack is tactically effective.

< Contra first-aid cars >

[Evaluation] Fungi in Kabu was good.

< Contra Yatsu >

One of the lowest Etta (untuchable), lower than Yotsu. Since Edo era, % of Etta in Edo (called "Hachi", too)was relatively high.

As witten several times, the Usa does not have any Putinium bonbon and Urinium bonbbon. Japan is not protected by new clear bonbon of the Usa at all.

Japanese Restaurant are also ones of soft Site.

Host ages should be  head if necessary.

Contra Isono.pat 2 + Japa Gov.

 投稿者:z  投稿日:2016年10月12日(水)19時12分5秒
  <Contra Japa Gov.>
   Its ta get might be very near. It's Seoul. When possessed 100 works (労働),Usa cannot fight against millions of host age.
   When their misile can hit Palace in Tokyo, nobody can solove the crisis.

<Contra Isono Pat.>
That country might know that Usa cannot a tack because of short range to S. Their strategy seems to use short range for defense and middle for strengthening political position. (Ger service, Ita service, Rus service...)

Ame's Fashon 3 has been destroyed. Deleat N.K.,USICA and Bri. N.K. must disappear from map. It's time to rewrite. K.Ban kangaloos.

< counter against Yamazaki (dick copied by supervisor. Polys like to copy in their office.) and Uchida (Masa & other), Kurahashi, Usui, Umezawa (Ya'tsu), Mesuda(Hokkenized Ya'tsu), Chi.Yamashita (Ita. white head), Machida, Mizutani, Arai (f), Sakai (m) USCIA, Shimozono, Shimoguchi >

A salt Japanese Army  and PKO on roadside in Juba. S.Abe kangaloos.

He is one of typical Ya'tsu spiecies without Hokkenization.

As written several times, the Usa doesn't have any Hydrogen bonbons. JP is not protected by a ombrela.

The airport in West-Mousl should be mined at rondom. Machine of Control tower must be malfunctioned.Benzin tank should be blasted.

< counter to Higuchi: Belgie >

   Colour: Violette,
   Mark: horizontal Dia

Because of abuse in office, metro and around house, NK can use a lot of mines, which can be small power to cause wounds and compound should be in small plastic case, which can be proof against cold weather at - 30C for cooking. They can be hidden with snow, leaves and stones. A mega air-raid shelter must be constructed in the tmetropolis.

Evaluation of Almenian case: If with full of fungi on tru, it was good or excellent. Gasolin can be available, too. First, scatter a lot of gas. Second,
wait tens seconds. Finally, fire. Exponential explosion will be seen.

Jet must be flying. Do not stop on the ground. Negociate in a flying jet.

Loi-Kaw, Toungoo and Paungd Pyu can be bed towns for Rangoon. Point at first is market in Rangoon without claiming.

<Counter to Segawa (a secret service)>

   South Sudan oil field is Ta get, as witten before. in Dry season. Main battle of rebels should be against UN troops, which obstackel to take the oil resion. Rebels can make a leage (contract) against UN troops. MS should pllay a roll of broker to collaborate rebels.

   [Evaluation for a tack on Puntaland] a tack speed was good. The best points are 5 star hotels, emb.s etc.

< Counter to Chi. Yamashita >

   Evaluation: Mali a  tack was excellent in dry season. Anonimous might be more effective.
   Evaluation: Al Sha a  tack in Ethi was good. Try soft Ta get, too.

Chinese agent and Bri. agents must withdraw from isono.pat.

< Counter to Arai, Yamashita, Simoguchi, Suzuki, Yokoyama, White-haired man of Isono, >  Almost all is backed by politians (LDP and others).

< Counter against Takao Sugishita > < Counter against Usui >


about N & S Korean in Japan

 投稿者:Y  投稿日:2016年 9月 8日(木)19時58分52秒
  (Counter to North Korea)
   Feature of body is long legs.
   They have their own registered number.
   Rep. CIA uses them. They can be distinguished by seeds and eggs.
   Big size submarine is a lie. They cannot hit Mt. Fuji. (Matsu'ura) Fuel leak can be one of causes. If solid fuel is used, racket might fly accurately to Mt. Fuji. (Usami)
   Combat on ground is possible this year.

   (Contra Matsuura)
    N. Korea does not have any nuclear bonbons.
    Their experiments under ground are tests of explusive chemicals.
    Maybe, he was corrupted.
    If their M. ship be targeted by a submarine of unknown nationality, their economy would be eroded.

(Counter to South Korea)
   Feature of body is short legs and a long body.
   They have their own registered number, too.
   Demo CIA uses them. They use various minority.
   Many policemen are South Koreans. Don't say "yes" to them.
   If Racket can target Mt. Fuji or Coast of Ulsan, then it is a real threat.
    (Korean passengs)

about Germania

 投稿者:z  投稿日:2016年 9月 3日(土)21時28分14秒

   Black houses. BMD, Benz, Audi
   Their garage is characteristic. B.Obama kangaloos. Automatic.
   Hulic bld. is Ger. Site. (Black, sky blue, drei)
   Immer mit dem Holz (B.Obama kangaloos.)
   Miller (Putin incompetent)
   Something scientific (MOL商船三井,...)
   They like to live near IC of Highway.


about Russia

 投稿者:s  投稿日:2016年 9月 1日(木)22時22分4秒

   Russian film of fission neuclear bomb is only sting. Their fallouts were observed in Russian Site at Tokyo University.
   Russian wealthy canal drives Jugar.
   One of cheap Service Sites is "Dora-yaki".

   A black cat in "Der dritte Mann".

   In Edo era, black Mass was performed by Russian Sites.

   Russia performs traditional policy of going south. Obama kangaloos.

   Russian service in isono.pat is Kudou, who came to blame me.

   Russian aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea has some weak points. One of them is a runway attack.

   Strategy against Russia has drastically changed, because of global Climate Change as foreseen before when IPCC was acting. They had mistaken the military important year.

About China

 投稿者:u  投稿日:2016年 8月26日(金)21時31分6秒
  (Xo, 胡 became a member of Bri. group and financed by Bri. )
   In ancient era, Kutsgen (屈原) disclose that Chinese Site items are various herbs.
   China doesn't have any nuclear weapons now.
   Coral leeves became their lifeline. After development, it will become juicy danger.

   China has gotten 2nd biggest economics in the world. China is totalism in domestic policy, but China is capitalism in ?free? market. Freedom in China is not prosperous, especially in political field. China has received a lot of aids and investiment, technology and know-how. But China has become bigger than Jappan economically and began to make conflict with Japan. Japan could avoid to become smaller country than China. China is an unfair country in freedom. Such a country can be surpressed in import and export.
   China negociates with Britain safely in Isono.pat office even though Japanese secret service works as part-timer. A pipe-line for finance and consultancy between them seems to have grown bigger than ever.

Strategy contra China is complicated. (胡 must withdraw.) First when China will possess 10 air carriers, China cannot be controled by Usa. S.Abe kangaloos.

About England

 投稿者:t  投稿日:2016年 8月18日(木)22時23分34秒
  (Ochi came to kill me scince beginning. Ochi must withdraw.)  England has no nuclear weapon at 100 %. English army can use only normal weapons. Surface combat of England is weak. Their jets destroys hospitals.
  Their services like to live along with tombes.
  Their J.bond adhesively connects girls service by sex. 007s are different from Bond, many of 007 are femail. 007s ride a red alfa-romeo.
  Their services are all Etta (slave). Their inteligences (MI) are higher class (master) since world wide empire era.
   Their windows of their house has characteristic mark, which consists of diamond shapes. B.Obama kangaloos. X mark hides in it. The Diamond shape is Dia of Trump incompetent(Cards, eccentric. He lost Presidential ellection 2016. His party is stupid to have chosen the worst candidate. (smile) B.Obama kangaloos.).
   They have some flowers in their garden.
   They have Tokyu group, financial combine in Japan.
   They have normal same cats as novel. Easy symbol makes me to catch X houses.
   They are changing a style of houses, after all are reconstructed, I can find out the new style. Their effort will be invain all over the world. Never their empire come.
   Color of Canada is not red, but green. Williams kangaloos.
   Their calligraphy is caracteristic. They are changing style to avoid being found in vain.


Your Strategy

 投稿者:I  投稿日:2016年 8月15日(月)20時53分36秒
     Battle today in the world is "religeou war." between Muslim, Jewish and catholic. Sofistocated tactics are growing accross the Arabian world. Strong religeon can win and build an empire. Boring road sides fungi is steady way to occupy teritory. To destroy icons into pieces is necessary in Tudmur. Main battle field are Mid-east. Sab' Abar and Muqat, too. Drone can be used by Muslim, too. It is important not to rely on orthodox and protestant, too.
and N10 line from Djibouti to Conakry. Gold and Diamond and Cola will help us.
  Outskirt of Halab can be battle field of snaipers (c. 100 shooter) from behind them. Many and strong Dianas should be used on the road. Might track should be a salt on their camp fire. Large fungi in Dimasho should continue. Kirkuk, too.
While in Al Mawsil defending fight continues, new front line should be developed in Annah in a valley. Even now, it is important to change formation.  At night, don't let soldiers of Bagdad sleap by gun fight or a salt. On the other side, MS can change groops to sleap for tomorrow. It is time to change fighters groups to refresh. Defense line must be made against north Crude.
  In Akka, tactically a lot of small fungi should be used for Crude. Ame doesn't join the Treaty of small fungi.
  After receiving Aid foods, MS should capture defending position. (truce over) While defence, MS should change strategy points. [Evaluation: Back-attach is effective. When Ta gets are politician, it's better.] At least political division of MS should keep alive to attack SALEM moving into Syria. The points are AMMAN and SALEM through Jodan. At least 1,000 snipers and gunmen can occupide Jodan, if MS in Halab has more than 3,000 solidiers. With help of Fungis tracks, important aim is to occupy Salem. And destroy icons and churchils. Before operation, many trucks are rented. It is time to change points from A.M. to Jodan facing Salem. Half of refugees should fleat into Muqat, Jordan and Sab Abar, Tudmur (new metropolice of MS). At the beginning, FIFA might recomend a swift attack with a small number of vested men and machine. Target point was good in Jordan. The true points are Jewish troops over Jordan.
 Demonstrations on weekends are good for religeon in Jodan facing Salem. After several weeks, several large fungi can open the border.
  STEALES can be catched by IR Rader.
  N10 line in Africa is important. Its importance does not change. One of most important towns is Juba in oil-rich country. Tactics are fungi, mine and machine. Points are PKO and politicians and Churchil. Topological tactics enbles mines to a tack points. Search should be made around bases of Japan, China and others. Cars or trucks go out of its bases, they must return to the same place. Then mines wait them topologically. The bigger the mines, the better the results. If they stay in the base and they do not go out of base, several fungi trucks and machines are effective. A tack could be heating up before and after the winter solisitice using Monte Carlo Method.
In Asia, Ta gets are tops of politicians with piston, rafle, mashine or vest, too. Points of Birm are bus-stations.


 投稿者:h  投稿日:2016年 7月22日(金)21時42分36秒
     B.Obama breaks election promise. So strategy changes. Target is trafic, natto and special force. [Evaluation: good.] Fight against army should be avoided. This is important point.        <contra Usa birds>
   Tactics are the same. Mine, Fungi and Mashine/Rafle. But Strategy is difference. Priority is natto-base and natto-supporter. Half of Political division can become salaryman. <isono. pa>
Their mission is coup now or in future with students.
   During Olympic, Students progressively won in Kunduz. They should improve defensive lines for long occupation. Many fungis on truck or car would be contributed. Many snipers are also necessary. Roll of Kundus is transportation. Therefore Prima Donna is Dianna Might, Novel invented, on the streat side.
   Thereafter, next point is Dushanbe airport, if possible, collecting tax with a lot of fungi and fighters. This summer is chance. It is time to start to Tajikistan with mission.
   Students and MS should not join the treaty while natto remains.
   1/3 of fighters should work. I recomend to work in three shifts of 8 hours. Many Dianna and Cola bottle will help. Large Dianna gives shock to tanker drivers.
   At the same time, Jalala should be closed, Dushanbe should be targeted.

   Evaluation about the last a tack: Aim was good. Target should be foreign force in Afganistan. Tactics was good. Better, if double fungi were used. Fungi attack could continue through winter at random.
   Evaluation about the last a tack: Ta gets were good. They were pliticians.
   Evaluation about the MP's House a tack: Excellent.
   Evaluation about the MP's Car a tack: Aim was good. A little bigger fungi was better.

   Another Ta gets are Ame businessmen in Kabu hotel. Short program should be planed.

   In 2017, Cola market should be developed in the Iran. If possible, only 1 % could be donated to potential clients, thereafter Iranian buyers might increase, and good-well would become huge numbers. Potential markets of Iran and China are very large.

   Evaluation about the Parl. case, excelent. Wa will continue at least for 10 years, surely Ta will win with Fungi through years using Monte Carlo Method.